Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Dry Brush Furniture - Furniture Painting Techniques

I want to introduce you to a fun painting technique called dry brushing, so stay tuned! So in this tutorial we'll be using some paper towel, a plate, a chip brush and two Country Chic Paint colors Dry brushing is a technique you can use to give your piece a worn or a beachy kind of look, So I'll show you how to do the dry brushing technique on this little table that we painted in the color Cobblestone.  I'm going to use two different colors Sunday Tea as well as Pebble Beach to dry brush on top of this.  What I like to do is pour a bit of paint on a paper plate and use that to dab my brush in. If there's too much on your brush you can dab some of it off on the plate or on a piece of paper towel. 

One very important thing to remember is that you need very little paint on your brush. It's called dry brushing for a reason. As you can seethe bristles are not soaked in paint. The brush is almost dry, that is exactly what we want. To dry brush this table I'm going to use gentle, quick strokes going back and forth. Having a light hand is key You want to have your brush only just touch the surface of your piece, Sometimes you'll accidentally put too much paint on your brush and end up with a bit of a glob on your piece you can just take a wet cloth and blended it in or remove it, I really love this technique, it gives such a gorgeous, worn look to your piece you know you can keep playing around with it until you're happy with what it looks like In the next articles I will show you how to finish that table top of this piece with our Tough Coat so that it can stand up to a lot of usage.

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