Friday, January 1, 2016

How To Glaze Your Painted Furniture For An Antique Look

I'd like to introduce you to a great product with which you can transform the look of your pieces dramatically, so stay tuned! In this tutorial we'll be using Country Chic's glazes, some lint-free rags, a paintbrush, and some stir sticks as well as a bucket of water. I'm very excited to introduce you to Country Chic's glazes today We've been working on this product for many months so I'm excited to finally introduce you to it, You can use Country Chic's furniture glaze to give any piece an antique look, When you apply it on a piece like this it stays behind in all the little crevices, bringing out the details of your piece. It also changes the color of your entire piece adding a beautiful patina to it Our furniture glaze is water-based and really easy to work with The glaze is completely suitable to be used for indoor as well as outdoor projects. 

The finish is almost flat, so it won't add any sheen to your project. Another thing that I like about our glazes is that it is almost VOC free, so it's completely safe for your health and the environment, We have the glaze available in the clear, tin table base, so that you can mix any color of glaze that you'd like, Simply mix the paint in a 4 part glaze to 1 part paint ratio, and stir well, We also have three pre-mixed colors available. First is the color Graphite, which is a cool grey that dries almost black, Next we have Tiger's Eye, which is a mahogany brown with a warm undertone. We also have Smoky Quartz which is a dark chocolate kind of brown and it has a very cool undertone Currently we have the glaze available in 16 oz containers as well as 4 oz containers, so you can pick the size that you need for your projects, Before you apply your glaze you want to make sure you paint it first So this piece we've painted in the color Rocky Mountain which is cool, charcoal grey. If you are going to glaze it you want to make sure that you leave it to dry overnight so that you know for sure that it's fully dried our next step is to choose what color glaze we're going to use If you're looking for a cooler brown, then you want to use Smoky Quartz. 

If you're after a more warmer tone then Tiger's Eye is a great option. For this piece I think a cool tone would suit it best so I'm going to use our black, Graphite. I'm going to shake the can a little bit and then I'll stir it as well to make sure it's properly mixed After you mix the glaze you can grab a brush and simply start applying glaze to your piece. I prefer using a brush over a cloth for example just because I feel like the cloth is going to absorb so much of the glaze. Some people prefer a cloth though So I'm just going to brush the glaze on making sure I get it in all the detailed parts of my piece I'm going to paint the glaze on making sure that I get it in all the detailed parts of my piece; anywhere that dust would normally collect and wear and tear would naturally occur. Keep in mind that the glaze will change your overall paint color. 

You'll want to make sure you work in small sections on your piece If you do a chest of drawers for example, do two drawers at a time then you can make sure that your glaze stays workable Once I've painted on the glaze I'm going to take this lint-free cloth and dampen it I'm going to wring out as much of the water as I can and then use the cloth to remove the excess glaze off of my piece As you can see most of the glaze is left behind in the detail areas Once you're happy with the look you've created you have the option of leaving it or sealing it with wax or Tough Coat So I've now glazed the bottom of this table and I just want to show you the different colors on little pieces of board here Just so you have an idea of what the other colors look like as well. 

So I'll start with Graphite again So I'm just going to paint it on. You want to make sure you really push it into those detail areas because that's where you want it to stay behind So then I'm going to take my wet cloth again and rub away as much of the glaze as I want You're really able to bring out the details of your piece with glaze So that is our Graphite glaze on Cheesecake Next I want to show you our Smoky Quartz Again you make sure that you push the paint in all your little detail areas And again just simply remove as much of the glaze as you want. Most of it you want to leave behind in the crevices. And then finally I wanna show you our Tiger's Eye which is our warm brown color Okay so that is our Tiger's Eye on Cheesecake and as you can see there's quite a big difference in brown tone between these two. This is a very warm brown with red and yellow undertones and this is definitely a much cooler brown giving you a very different kind of look.

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