Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rhonda J Shoppe – The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Buda TX Retailer

Rhonda J Designs is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer in Buda, Texas. This store can also be visited in two other places in Texas namely Boerne and San Antonio. The Buda TX store specializes in artistic design finishes along with distinctive faux wall finishes in both the commercial and residential sectors. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Buda TX will help customers bring presence to their place of business and attain a look of professionalism which will appeal to their clients.  Rhonda J Shoppes are basically unique shopping destination providing many products and services in the field of home decor and decorative finishes. Each store has been filled with a house wares, eclectic mix home decor and furnishings, original art and gifts along with an appealing selection of current accessories and fashions.

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan has been regarded as a uniquely formulated decorative paint which has been developed over 20 years ago in Europe. Chalk Paint is now available in 32 gorgeous colors made exclusively for painting cabinets, furniture, floors and walls. The versatility and flexibility of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan will allow costumers to attain a range of professional looking finishes with very minimal effort. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint will adhere to any surface both inside and outside the home such as wood, metal, concrete, matte plastic, earthenware and much more. This paint comes with fast drying time so anyone can add second or third coats very quickly. On the other words, anyone can start enjoying the revitalized pieces sooner. The gorgeous end results of your painting projects have never been so simple and straightforward.

Annie Sloan chalk paint Buda TX retailer offers weekly classes or workshops. By attending this class, customers will get some practical advices on color and techniques from a Sloan trained stockiest. This class has the main goal to provide confidence for customer’s to express their own personal style in the home. This workshop will teach attendees about the proper way in using Soft Wax with Annie Sloan's unique range of Chalk Paint decorative paint. The trainers will also teach all of the attendees about the way to achieve different finishes like a crackle effect. Anyone can attend this class or workshop at any of three locations in Texas. There will be also an advanced one hour sessions with Rhonda J to elevate customer’s painting style. For those who want to attend this class, please contact the local Rhonda J’s Shoppe location for more details and schedules.

The official site of Rhonda J provides several helpful tips on how to use Chalk Paint Decorative paint on floors, blackboard and garden furniture. For floors, always use a roller to paint the floor and customers may need 1 or 2 coats depending on the color of the concrete or wood and also the color of the paint itself. Keep in mind that light colors will generally require more coats. Customers can varnish it with extra strong matt lacquer. For a blackboard (that is not black), always apply 3 coats of paint to wood or wall. Afterward, allow to dry overnight and then clean with a slightly damp cloth. For garden furniture, paint over wood, matt plastic or terracotta and then leave to harden overnight prior to exposing to rain.

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