Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Features and Prices of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Brushes

When painting furniture, anyone will need good paint, brushes, waxes, crackle varnish, decoupage varnish and gilding materials. One of the most important tool when paint your piece of furniture will be the brushes.  The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint brushes are available to purchase through her stockiest or her official website. The following is the elaboration of several brushes made by Annie Sloan to hold up your painting projects.

The first brush is called Large Pure Bristle Brush which costs £28.95. It is made of pure bristle and this can be a great brush for painting especially to achieve texture. This brush is oval and it has a metal ferule along with wooden handle. This type of brush have always been anyone’s favorite as it will allow you to paint expressively as the bristle is firm and strong but pliable. Besides, this brush can be used for applying wax. The Large Pure Bristle Brush has 26.5 cm long and 6.5 cm ferrule width.

The next brush is called Medium Pure Bristle Brush which costs £18.95. It is made of pure bristle and this can be an excellent brush for painting mainly to achieve texture. Similar to the Large Pure Bristle Brush, this brush is oval and comes with a metal ferule and wooden handle. Another good thing about this brush is that it can be easily used for applying wax. The Medium Pure Bristle Brush has 25 cm long and 5 cm ferrule width.

The Small Pure Bristle Brush is another great brush to use when doing your painting project. It costs £12.95 and it is made of pure bristle. This can be a great brush for your painting project particularly to achieve some textures. Similar to the Medium and Large Pure Bristle, the Small Pure Bristle Brush can be used for applying wax. This brush has 25 cm long and 5 cm ferrule width.

Next, the store provides Large Flat Brush which costs £8.95. This Flat Brush has been equipped with advanced synthetic fibers to bring in the ultimate silky finish. This brush has been designed to work specifically with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan to achieve a modern and smooth finish. This brush is shaped to hold lots of paints and to help apply the paint evenly. Moreover, you can eliminate brush marks by using it.

The Small Flat Brush is also available at the store with price £4.95. This flat brush also features advanced synthetic fibers to create an ultimate silky finish. There is also a Large Wax Brush which costs £29.95. This wax brush comes with short and ergonomic handles to make your working easier. It is shaped to a point so anyone can get wax into detailed sections and also move around in a tight space. The longer handle of this brush has been actually designed to get for larger areas.  The Short Wax Brush costs £23.95 and it can be regarded the longest lasting and best performing wax brushes on the market. It comes with shorter handle so that anyone can get into awkward spaces with limited access. 

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